Backyard Parkour – Everything You Need To Know

For a large majority of folks first venturing into the world of parkour, it can be tempting to jump right into the intermediate or advanced stuff. Perhaps an experienced friend takes the beginner out on a session, or maybe a certain spot in the woods just seems too perfect to pass up. For some; however, the thought of going out with those experienced in the sport to a place filled with advanced level obstacles can be a little daunting. A perfect solution to this is setting up a parkour arena in your own back yard! Today, we’ll take a look at some ideas on then you can use to build a perfect place to practice parkour at very little expense.

Get Yourself Some Wood and Build Some Vault Boxes

Backyard ParkourWith the proper pieces of wood, a saw, a hammer and some spikes (or large nails), you’ll be able to built small obstacles to jump over. They can be any dimension you may wish them to be. It’s all up to you, which is what makes working with wood so great! While you’ll have most of the say in terms of how your jumping obstacles are created, it’s important to keep one rule in mind – the base of the object should be larger than the peak. This lowers its center of gravity and reduces the odds that any significant amount of sideways pressure will be put on it on it, keeping your spikes intact in the soil. Also, remember to keep the objects hollow or with a flat, protruding base that allows you to nail it into the ground in the first place.

Build a Rope-Swinging Station

This will require one to have trees in their back yard, and, thus, will be off limits to many. If you do have a tree; however, try tying a rope to the branch for swinging. While this alone may prove useful to a degree, setting up a platform on either side of the rope will be even better, as it makes you swing a certain distance. The better you get to handwear with the best grip or parkour footwear or parkour outfit, the further away you can move the platforms from one another to increase the difficulty.

Build a Rock Wall

Okay, this one is a little more advanced and perhaps a bit costly (though still much cheaper than buying already-made materials). If; however, you’re truly interest in becoming the best at parkour you can possibly be, it’s something to consider. By building a brick rectangular prism to a size of your liking, you can leave bricks out in certain spots near the outside of the structure, giving you your very own rock wall!

Backyard Parkour

Get Some Tires

You can do nearly anything with tires. Typically, those building backyard parkour gyms will rely more or less on the use of tires. With your hammer and spikes, you can nail the tires into the ground in an upright position, creating the perfect obstacle course. Even if you have no other suitable materials, tires should be the bread and butter of every backyard parkour gym.

How to Make Your Site Fly High In Search Engine Rankings

If you have a website, it is important to implement good SEO practices. Good SEO techniques make your site visible in search engines, since studies show most internet users only click the first 10-20 results. Use the following tips to raise your search engine ranking.

Website Name

search engine optimization6Choose the name of your website with keywords in mind. Websites with your name or something cute like as the domain won’t work well in search engines. It is best if domain names have keywords relevant to your site. For example, if you sell greeting cards, you would want something with greeting cards in the domain name.

Unique Content

Include unique and relevant content. Your site won’t get noticed in search engines without unique content related to your site theme. Duplicate content will get your site dropped your site down in the rankings, so try to make your content 100% unique. If you don’t want to write the content yourself, you can outsource it to freelance writers.

Keyword Placement

Place keywords strategically on your pages. It isn’t enough just to include keywords in meta tags, since many search engines rarely use those anymore to rank your site. Use H1, and H2 etc, and also place them in the interactive portions of your page, according to the Northern Virginia marketing company.

SEO Friendly Web Design

Use a search engine friendly design. If you aren’t ranking high, examine your web page design. Your page design may look charming to you, but not search engines. View your site in a text editor. Is your text and keywords close to the top of the page? A search engine won’t be able to see text pushed way down on the page. Remove all the extra space in the HTML code, and place java script string in an external file. Try to place style information in a cascading style sheet.

Implementing these simple SEO techniques will boost your search engine rankings. All it takes is some effort on your part.